Are you currently wasting money?

Yes, you might be wasting your time and money attending trade shows, road shows or conferences.  We know that simply putting up a booth and waiting for customers to come to you is pointless, yet 90% of all exhibitors are doing just that.

At Bright Forever, we recognize that the number one reason for participating in a trade show is to get as many qualified leads as possible but simply getting the most business cards does not work! 80% of exhibitors are still using the fishbowl to collect random business cards and have no idea who these people are… what a missed opportunity!

Your success all depends on planning, being strategic and perfecting your sales communication skills.

Be succesful with our 5 step system!

At Bright Forever we will teach you how to engage in the most effective ways, so you can find the right contacts who can convert into profitable sales and give you a great return on your investment.

With our 5 step system we will evaluate, optimize and structure your event. We will help you to get systems in place and even train your staff, so everyone is working towards the same goal.
Get the most out of your trade show with Bright Forever Consultants.

Get ready for your next event with Bright Forever Consultants

At the beginning of July I had the privilege of being interviewed by the Money FM team.
This is the podcast, talking about trade shows and how to improve your performance.


You can find out with our evaluation session for $198

During this 1 hr session we will evaluate your past Trade Show(s) AND You will receive a report with action points to prepare better for your next event.
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No time to train your team? we have a pool of professional booth staff.


we Train your team to engage and attract the right prospects to your booth.