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Currently, you might be wasting your time and money attending trade shows, road shows or conferences.  Actually, you may not be wasting it, but your salespeople might be. We know that simply putting up a booth and waiting for customers to come to you is pointless; and that your success all depends on planning, being strategic and perfecting your sales communication skills.

At Bright Forever, we recognize that the number one reason for participating in a trade show is to get as many qualified leads as possible. We will teach you how to get the right contacts who will convert into profitable sales and give you a great return on your investment. Simply getting the most business cards does not work!




No time to train your team? we have a pool of professional booth staff.


we Train your team to engage and attract the right prospects to your booth.


Bright Forever Consultants showed me not only how effective of a tool trade shows can be for marketing, lead generation and sales, but also how much preparation and work is needed in order to make them effective.

All of the key elements needed to run a successful show were highlighted, including pre-show planning, staff training, booth etiquette and post-show analysis, and Maarten's experience and knowledge were evident for all of these. Whether you're new to trade shows or have been on the circuit for years, I would recommend Bright Forever Consultants to anyone looking to have their trade shows do the most they can for their company.

- Chris Hohol -

Director of Operations Asia Pacific
Senescence Life Sciences Pte. Ltd.

If you are looking for a coach who really knows his stuff and can give you concrete steps to propel you towards a successful trade show, I unreservedly recommend that you speak to Maarten.

A couple of weeks before exhibiting at a major trade show, I met Maarten and sought his advice on how I can attract more interest and gain more face-time with potential clients. Maarten advised me to set objectives that I wanted to achieve at the event. He then made suggestions based on my objectives and gave me specific actions to take. At the trade show, I implemented his advice and the results exceeded my expectations. As an exhibitor, this has been my most successful trade show to date. Once again, thank you, Maarten!

- Remus Zhong -

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Gem Hunter
Loupin Jewels