Whatever your industry, we teach effective practices and skills that work and will help your company create impact at you next exhibit!

Maarten van den Bos, Founder of Bright Forever Consultants

Regularly attending global exhibitions I identified a huge gap in the market for effective staff training at trade show events. It was clear that many companies were not grasping the huge opportunities available to them and capitalising on the leads and contacts that were in front of them. With my extensive knowledge and experience, I decided to set up Bright Forever Consultants to help companies reach and exceed their goals.

Team Builders

At Bright Forever we have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. We will help you successfully build a strong and driven trade show sales team to represent your company and get results!

Customer Service

We are killed in the cultivation of strong relationships with prospective clients, highly adaptable to the face-paced corporate world and the multicultural environment we all work in.

Cross Cultural

We have a broad knowledge across cultures and of the global business world which will help you connect to customers from every continent with ease and bridge any gaps.

Business development

We are adept at business development and growth – knowing how trade sales will help enhance and boost your ROI and business overall.

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