Month: November 2017

Trade Show Solutions Your Brand Can’t Live Without!

Manufacturers and distributors with a presence at trade shows often face the challenge of determining which trade show solutions they need for success. Exhibiting at trade shows is a complicated proposition, one that requires brands to perform a variety of tasks, such as event planning, lead gathering and capture, and closing sales.

Because there are many aspects to being successful at trade shows, there are a variety of trade show solutions that companies may need to leverage for success. In this post we’ll discuss the trade show solutions that your business should conside

Do you train your staff?

What is a trade show attendee worth to your business?

This is an important question to ask yourself before you exhibit at any trade show. Take a minute to imagine how much income a single attendee could generate for your company if they became one of your best customers. What products would they be likely to buy first? How might they expand their assortment to include more of your line in the course of one year?

Think also about all the referral business they might generate for you in that year, and all the income those companies represent. Multiply that by the number of years you expect to retain that customer. When added all up, I’d imagine the total expected lifetime value of that customer is sky high.